Costa Rica

To the north Nicaragua and to the south Panama

The Caribbean coast is the sunrise side.

The southern part of the coast between the port city of Límon and the Panamanian coast and then specifically: from Peurto Viejo to Manzanillo we find the most interesting. Here are a number of very quiet coastal towns with tropical comforts and nature.

You can pay with $ USDollars and the local currency is Colón.

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Average temperature: 26 (min 22 max 30)
Dry period: February/March/April
Sunrise and sunset: 05:30 / 17:30 (There is no ebb and flow!)

The South Caribbean Strip of Costa Rica

A dead end road starting at Hone Creek down to Manzanillo

The beaches in Playa Negra have black sand. The beaches in Manzanillo have a proper sand colour. 

The sand of Manzanillo is almost white. The sea water is super clear, waves are rough and sometimes too rough for a nice piece of tuning and more suitable for a surf.
Branches of trees regularly wash up in the river and eventually end up in the sea.
The water is wonderfully warm. I don't have a thermometer but I estimate about 26 degrees.

A ship stranded here 4 years ago. It is still there and sinks further and further into the sand. It is decorated with graffiti by local artists. As you can see it is wonderfully quiet. Almost nobody ....

Going out and dining in the region is also fun and diverse. From a quick local bite to culinary gastronomy, you will find it all here.
There are dozens of restaurants along the only road between Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo. You can find more variety in kitchens than in the whole of Westland. Some favorites have become El Refugio, Koki Beach, Rio Negro, Papaya and Amimodo. The prices are comparable to the prices in NL. A cocktail costs 5000 CRColón, which is -3 zeros + 1/3 = Better we use the online tool...
There is also nightlife in Puerto Viejo. Because it is dark at 5:30 pm every day, the partying starts during dinner and continues on the beach. Looks cozy with lights and those ever-continuing waves... (On the street someone whispers here and there, "Marijuana for sale".. For the enthusiasts)

Supermarkets and prices of food are different. You can imagine that bananas that grow like weeds on the roadside in Costa Rica are not that expensive in the supermarket. But a jar of peanut butter from the US sometimes costs €10. Local peanut butter costs the same as in NL. Wine and Champagne are also 2 x more expensive than in NL. Basically everything that is imported is expensive. That makes it even more fun to start making things yourself.

Sports in the region not too short. There are several yoga schools and Puerto Viejo has a semi outdoor fitness. By the time the sun goes down it is nice and cool and people are walking along the road. You can also swim as much as you want in the sea. Every village has a soccer field and a club. They also train in the tropical rain showers.

Activities in the region are: Surf lessons, Birdwatching, Kayaking, Horse riding club, Chocolate tours, Waterfalls, Jaguar rescue Centre, Ara Project, Hike, 
Cahuita National Park, Diving, Wellness.

Travel Agency: You can book trips to Costa Rica independently or you can organize it via EdVenture.
Costa Rica is known and has itself won awards for being a forerunner in achieving climate goals.
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Renting a car is quite expensive in Coste Rica. It is best to rent a car at the desk in the arrivals hall of the airport. Then you save half.
You can also travel by bus to your accommodation and rent an electric scooter or bicycles on site.

For a tour by car, you can also rent an electric car and drive the Green Circle route through Coste Rica. There are several hotels in this green route where you can charge for free.

Gandoca de Manzanillo is the last village on this paved road. A sleeping town with 300 inhabitants from all regions of the world. The fiber optic internet makes Costa Rica a perfect place for digital nomads.

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