Our vision is to develop extra ordinary, luxury and high quality real estate in harmony with nature. 



- All trees have been mapped by the topographer. All old trees will be protected and the plan will work around them. 
- For every small tree that has been cut, 4 new trees must be planted. 
- All wet areas have been mapped by the topographer. These areas will be protected for the frogs and natural habitat.
- Fencing is not aloud, animals need to be able to cross without obstructions

Building materials:

- Because of termites the materials will mostly be concrete and metal constructions.
- Small amounts of hardwood will be used for decorative purposes. 



- Costa Rica is famous for its Sustainably generated Energy. In 2018, 98% of its electrical energy was derived from renewable energy sources, about 72% of which came from hydroelectric power and 15% geothermal. read more... 



- Rainwater storages all over the resort.
- Because the area also knows dry periods, the resort has a well of 80 meters deep. 
The water is filtered by the corals and extra filters will be installed in the house to make it drinkable. . 


Climat control:

- The humidity in the jungle is high. For comfortable reasons we build in high quality climate controle systems, like dehumidifiers or even airconditioning. 



- During the building proces the current vegetation will be protected ad much as possible.
- The landscape architect will be at your service to advise how to attract more hummingbirds, butterflies and sloths to your garden.


Added value

- Starting a Gaurumo nursery to plant more Gaurumo trees in the resort to fed more sloths and monkeys
- Waste management:  internal recycling station to make compost and degrade plastic and other waste.