The animals

Download the calender to see whats going on, when! 

Calendario Gen Eng
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There is almost no more natural living than this. There are hummingbird/hummingbird flying into your house to eat the bugs/mosquitoes from the ceiling. You walk along the path and the crabs quickly crawl back into their hole one by one. At the frog tree you always see a mini red frog or a poisonous green one. At sunrise you will be woken up by the howler monkeys that swing from tree to tree just above your house. You live in a house without walls and every now and then a giant blue jungle butterfly flies through your house.

Welcome to the jungle of Gandoca-Manzanillo.

Here I would like to introduce the animals to you:

The Tucan

Jungle Butterfly

The Jaguar

The Howler monkey

The frog

The Sloth

The Hummingbird